Preparation of Surfaces
     Wood:   - Scrape all loose or peeling paint.

                   - Power sand peeled areas to feather in

                      and to strip to sound foundation.

                   - Hand sand in smaller areas to smooth.

                   - Caulk cracks with flexible silicon sealant.

                   - Prime all bare wood.

      Stucco: - Wire brush to remove foreign matter.

                    - Pressure wash using roto tip.

                    - Where necessary, apply emulsion sealer

                      to bond chalky surfaces.                   

                    -  Trench below grade.

       Metal:  - Wire brush and sand to remove rust and                         scale.

                    - Solvent wash.

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All walls are to be painted with top quality acrylic flat wall paint.  Trim shall be painted with oil-based semi-gloss enamel or water-based enamels.   Colors as chosen, samples shall be provided.


Ryan Painting Services shall move out furnishings as necessary and cover to protect remaining items. Drop cloths will be used extensively to insure protection. Hardware will be removed prior to painting.  Job will be worked on continuously until its completion, in order to finish in a timely manner.Type your paragraph here.

Epoxy restructuring 

Color matching and selection
Wood stripping & staining
Plaster repair
Stucco repair

Lawn Dye

Expert Preparation
Deck Refinishing
Wallcovering Removal
Wood repair


Only top quality acrylic and oil based paints will be used, in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications.  Color samples and brush-outs will be provided. 


 Preparation of Surfaces
Woodwork:  - Scrape loose or peeling paint.

                       - Complete sanding.

                        - Wash with Dirtex cleaner.

                         - Prime as necessary.

           Walls:  - Open cracks and gaps.

                        - Fill cracks with elastomeric                                 compound

                         - Caulk corners and around                                  woodwork.

                        - Prime as necessary.